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The latest delivery adds intuitive product browsing, quick-order sales tools, and streamlined locator functionality to help customers easily find and shop with Avon Representatives. It also gives Representatives the freedom to fulfill customer orders on the go. Log-in capability through social media channels is also included, further bolstering community-building efforts integral to Avon’s digital strategy.

The visual design approach is both modern and editorial; crisply executed with a tastefully minimal color palette, allowing the rich model and product photography to shine, resulting in an experience that feels elevated and on brand.

With the development and implementation of today’s customized technology platform, the app represents the latest in mobile technology, working seamlessly across Android and iOS. Version 1.0 is currently active in 18 global markets and will be live in 23 global markets by Q4 2014. 2.0 is set to launch in five countries by Q4 2014.

mBrochure 1.0 is a global app that is currently live in 18 countries (Mexico, Philippines, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa) and is set to be live in an additional five countries (Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Kazakhstan, and Georgia) by Q4 2014. It has received generous praise and is being requested by new Avon markets constantly. The app has received recognition and publicity in multiple countries for truly helping to revolutionize the Avon business. (http://www.elmundo.es/yodona/2014/06/13/537f2597e2704ed5698b456f.html). mBrochure 2.0 will build on and enhance this success, and is set to launch in five countries (Brazil, Mexico, United Kingdom, Turkey and Russia) in Q4 2014. Avon will roll it out to all other countries currently using 1.0 in Q1 2015.


Avon wanted to extend its brand presence and product offerings to a modern, digital-savvy customer, while providing powerful sales tools for their independent Representatives all over the world. Avon’s mBrochure 2.0 is revolutionizing the business by making Avon available anywhere, anytime. The app now supports a complete shopping experience, and is poised to become a major source of revenue for the iconic brand.

Avon Mobile Brochure 2.0



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