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We built a smart digital eco system and the website received a new, cohesive design.
The word got out with the help of an expansive 360 media campaign and geo-targeted broadcasts minimized spending while maximizing impact. From a digital perspective, our channels helped educate and build trust by establishing an emotional connection, while retargeting helped retain our players. And because New Jersey is a commuter state, we dominated local train stations with a narrative that enticed the public to play during their commute.

Within the first year, we boasted 622 thousand site visits and 48 thousand game downloads.
More importantly, in only one month we jumped Borgata’s share to 35% of the total market, exceeding their original goal of 20%.

Despite a crowded space and fierce competition, Borgata has managed to take the lead for a whole new stream of revenue. Now that’s a win.


What happens when you launch a product with a dozen competitors selling exactly the same thing starting exactly the same day?

When the state of New Jersey lifted a longstanding ban on online gambling, the Borgata had the challenge of translating their boutique casino experience into digital and finding a way to stand out from a crowded competitive space. This challenge also included competitors from Europe, who were bringing two big advantages—more experience in the category and more money.

While our competitors treated online gambling as a flashy, cheapened down version of the casino experience, screaming for attention, but doing little to earn trust, we developed a strategy that would leverage the Borgata brand by emphasizing the positive attributes and perceptions related to the brand. We put online gaming in a positive light and reassured consumers that because it was a Borgata product, they would experience the fun, excitement and quality of the Borgata in their own homes.

Technical Challenge

We committed to preserve the integrity that defines the Borgata brand by developing an integrated campaign that reassured users they could experience the same thrill of Borgata they know and love, anytime and anywhere.

While everyone else treated the state of New Jersey as one big shotgun blast for media, we reached locals in ways that only a local could know. We activated a layered approach to move our target segments through the audience journey from “Passive” to “Player”.


Borgata Hotel Casino & Spa






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Account Executive

Rob Rawley, David Serrano

Creative Director

Christian Waitzinger


Matthew Cirri, Jacob Kauble




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