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The interactive film about Ken, a young boy who comes to India, falls in love and opens his own restaurant. The film is shot from Ken’s point of view and allows viewers to take decisions on Ken’s behalf.

As the film begins you see that Ken and his girlfriend Asha are feeling burnt out running their restaurant. They decide to take a break and as a viewer you choose what kind of break you wish to take: Adventurous or Ambitious. Both options take you to Goa but for different reasons. As you go along you are exposed to 15 decision points. Every decision changes the story and every story changes the experience and every experience changes the ending.

Each experience is unique from other. Thus, every film is unique from the other. Written on final draft, the complex story line make for one immersive experience for people.


In 2014, DBS Bank launched in India with Chilli Paneer, a digital film about a young entrepreneur called Ken. The film was an instant success but soon the young digital audience moved on. We needed to reconnect with the audience in a more meaningful way.

We knew young Indian entrepreneurs had connected with Ken and secretly wished to follow their dreams like him. We decided to activate their aspirations by giving them a chance to do exactly that.

Technical Challenge

For the campaign we took Ken’s story forward. We created India’s first interactive film hosted by the brand. The film allowed people to interact with the content by giving them charge of Ken’s life. Every decision they took changed the story and the ending of the film.

At the end of the film, based on the choices, we told people what kind of entrepreneurs they really were. This became an identity for a viewer and we encouraged them to connect with each other in the digital world. People started collaborating as we allowed them a platform to connect.

In little time, we had over 0.5 million views from 2,75,000 unique visitors. People spent average 5.38 minutes with the film. Our #HappyEnding trended for 3 days on social network. We engaged with over 1.3 million people and got media coverage worth 27 million Indian Rupees.

DBS Bank has become one of the most respected financial brands in India. Our brand saliency rose by 10% last year. And our brand consideration went up to 17% as against 1% in the previous year. DBS Bank is a new and smaller player in the cluttered market, but found its own niche with very little media budget.

DBS Chilli Paneer 2



DBS Bank Ltd.






Financial Services


Agency Producer

Tulika Srivastava, Kirti Shah

Art Director

Harsh Kaneja, Sanjeev Balakrishnan

Creative Director

Piyush Gupta


Nitin Parmar


Manoj Shroff, Sia Bhuyan

Production Company

Equinox Films


Nitin Parmar




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