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We know that banking customers who utilize their product benefits are more loyal. However, to achieve this, we needed to make customers aware of the many benefits that are relevant l to their lifestyle, with a fun, less bank-like approach. The audience this was created for are Citi banking, mortgage and/or credit card customers. Our strategy was to make a fun and engaging experience to encourage customers and prospects to discover all the relevant benefits available to them through their Citi relationship. We created a customer-centric site that matches users with a lifestyle persona and then presents them with the benefits that match that persona. When a user opens the site, they are immediately given the opportunity to take a fun, mad-lib style quiz that will help determine their lifestyle persona. Once they submit their answers, they find out what benefits match their persona.

Almost 200,000 users visited the site in the first three months since its launch, and about half have returned for subsequent visits. The lifestyle quiz and interactive content on the site has resulted in an increase in time-on-site of 50% over comparable marketing landing pages. Over 90% of mobile users played the lifestyle quiz. Social media have proven to be the most effective source of traffic, driving 65% of all visitors, with Facebook and Twitter posts seeing an increase of 14% and 132% respectively over platform benchmark rates.

“It’s creative, it’s engaging and it stands out from its competitors”
–– Media Logic’s blog post on the Citi Benefits Digital Hub

Citi Benefits Digital Hub



Citi Benefits






Financial Services


Art Director

Jorge M Gomez, Sonia C Acosta, Stacey A Groth

Creative Director

Alejandro J Mendoza, Paul C Amelchenko


Sergio Gomez, Sebastian Fernandez, Daniel Gonzalez, Eduardo F Santiesteban, Michelle Shahar, Alexandre A Nicolucci


Boris Stojanovic


Anthony Font, Ari Bazinsky, Jonathan Fernandez, Peter Wagoner




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