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Submitted By Elizabeth Branger


The insight: after 140 years in business, ADT had plenty of legacy and not a lot of relevance for tech-savvy security buyers. What they needed was a new voice to appeal to a new audience.

So we launched a digital and social campaign starring Ving Rhames as the new face (and brand embodiment) of ADT, illustrating their marriage of strength and smarts. His obvious strength was also matched with a surprising warmth that mirrors the duality of the brand itself. Prospective customers welcomed Ving with open arms, sensing a real change in the spirit of the brand.

From taking a more confident stance to challenging competitors directly, Ving afforded us a totally new (and much needed) lens on the brand.

From owned to paid to social channels, the voice of Ving became a common thread that spoke to the world of security and automation in a decidedly new tone. And with custom content shot for experiences like the new ADT interactive product demo, our digital and social work offered new moments wherever you happened to interact with the brand.

Headlines offered a bold new point of view. Social posts were transformed from formal corporate lingo to an actual conversation. And simple, bold art direction heroed Ving as the central figure in this new story of security.

At campaign launch, digital had an immediate impact on the overall business—with leads on the website rising an additional 13% for users who interacted with the new ADT demo. On average, these demo users stayed on the site over 8 minutes—twice as long as regular visitors. Social media saw an even more dramatic lift, with engagement rates on Twitter and Facebook rising 98% and 57%, respectively.




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Account Executive

Vanessa Martinez, Stephanie Altuve

Art Director

Frank Gomez

Content Strategist

Greg Cordaro, Julie Mantis

Creative Director

Robert Kleman, Matthew Atkatz, James Allen, Andrew Goldstein, Cesar Santos, Brent Slone, Matt Kelsen


Lara Israelson


Stevie Dove


Kylin Johnson, Erik Fabregat




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