And You Are Beautiful / Class Assignment

Submitted By chelsea alexander


This is a visual poem that represents the struggles many women face with day to day scrutiny with bias opinions on how the body should look and what beauty really is. I highlight the body parts with the words to emphasize meaning and depth to each curve we own, and each smile we muster.

We are beautiful god damn it.


I want those who view this project to be able to relate to the struggles many of us face. A lot of the times it is self consciousness and being un able to be proud of who we are and why we are amazing. This project ignored all "flaws" and simply embraced all our qualities.

Technical Challenge

A lot of the materials I used were challenging and hard to over come so I worked within the confines of the materials and instead placed the type on major parts of the body. Which in turn helped me to get my original message across, how so many people are so self conscious about really important parts of their body.


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