Pop Pulp / Class Assignment

Submitted By chelsea alexander


The purpose of this assignment was to be able to derive a narrative and place it into a new type of form or context.
My content was a movie and was then transformed into a form of still imagery and text within a book.


“ How can designers distill a narrative to its essence?”

We were asked to answer this question for my design II studio spring semester of sophomore year. We were given an extended time to choose a narrative, I chose the narrative "pulp fiction" due to the immense amounts of content within. When working on it I tried to focus on the separate entities of my chosen narrative. There were many different substances to choose from, the characters, the objects, the time setting, and the complimenting forms that work together. I think I learned that it is important and critical to take note of these features in a narrative. I think the thing I struggled most with was creating, and designing a language from that narrative to make it even more familiar to those who have not read or seen it. Doing this assignment also taught me how to edit my content, and choose what really has impact on the viewer versus choosing something quite irrelevant or insignificant to my concept.

Technical Challenge

A lot of my materials were very challenging, I hand bound the book itself and it was also difficult to use felt and different kinds of materials.


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