Make It Fake Campaign / Class Assignment

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The intent of these designs is to show the issue of real fur industries and get rid of the idea/myth that this is no longer a business.


How can we begin to communicate a complex idea or action using an economical combination of words, type, and image?

In identity design, we must be simple clean and pungent with information. Thus, the question asked how does a designer create an elegant design for the consumer but also portray the correct information. With this client specifically I was to design a logo, and keep the dignity and context of the campaign throughout the entire Identity.

This campaign catered to helping animals, and stop the production of real fur in factories and help stop the demand of clothing that used these resources. My role was to help assist in designing the campaign and re configure the identity - to appear easily to all viewers so that they clearly understood the message. To design packaging, tags and merchandise to appeal to consumers so it convinced them to purchase more ethical objects.

To successfully achieve these concepts I had to study different kinds of tags and product designs.

The use of red, and the layout are suppose to remind viewers that something important is occurring, therefor it must be extremely

noticeable to the eye, and quite captivating in the design and the concepts behind tagging and awareness.

Technical Challenge

Creating an identity for this campaign was really difficult... especially because it didn't pertain to specifically one object but a plethora of issues and angles - from animals to industry and location. Therefore, creating a logo/ identity was very difficult.


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