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What inspires you? What do you want out of photography?

I want to know what happiness really looks like and feels like and throughout this project I learned a lot about myself. This is a book that I not only hand crafted but hand developed all the film.

The meaning of the book is very important to me, and the process for making this work has expanded my knowledge of photography, film, and book binding. This book is about things that I found to be beautiful, although everything in my life is beautiful, and important. I wanted to photograph as many things as I possibly could that represent my ideas and my beliefs as a n artist. These photographs are of people I do know and many of people I don't know. This makes my project even more interesting because, I want others to know how beautiful they are, either they are self conscience or just quiet.

I told these people they were beautiful and photographed their personalities, their true selves. This book was created using a 35 mm film canon, then hand developed negatives and hand exposed prints that were then scanned, and enhanced to then design the book.

After printing out all of the pages, I then sewed the entire spine of the book by hand. I continued the process by creating the outside of the book - including the cover of the book and the box for the book. The colors used are suppose to represent a fragile piece of work.

Please enjoy, and a huge thank you to everyone who was photographed. You are all beautiful.


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