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When I was asked by Adobe to participate in a three day Graphic Design live stream on AdobeLive.com, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to give my recent collages, doodles and art projects a home by designing a zine in which they could all live. Over the past year, I've created these works purely for my own creative enjoyment; as a way to get my hands dirty and clear my head at the same time, without the fear of trying to achieve perfection. With this concept in mind, Zenzine was born out of the desire to show these physical collages and paintings in an equally tactile but still unassuming form: a printed zine.


Since I was given free rein for this project, over the course of the three day session I designed a layout that highlighted the artwork, created a custom logo, and sprinkled in several typographic treatments whose phrases came from notes I'd jotted down over the past few months as things to do or remember.

Technical Challenge

This was my first time designing something on a live stream with viewers commenting and asking questions as I worked, so it was an exhilarating experience but also a challenge to create something in this setting, and also to make sure it was completely finished by the end of the third and final session.






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