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National Novel Writing Month is a fun, expedited approach to creative writing in which the participants begin working towards a goal of 50,000 word novel from the 1st to the 30th of November. The nonprofit reaches out to the design community for volunteers who can assist the authors by creating a book cover design for their story. The organization continues the seat-of-your-pants timeline by giving each designer 48 hours to choose one of three novel blurbs and design a cover for submission.

Technical Challenge

Design a novel cover for the following:
Title: A Sidewalk In Winter
Author name: S. L. H.
Genre: Young Adult
Summer has become a withdrawn and isolated girl -- bereft of a last name, orphaned, living on the streets, fiercely independent and wary of relying on others who will inevitably demand repayment. However, she quickly learns that she will not be able to survive the bitter winter on her own. Desperate, Summer meets an elderly woman who provides a hot meal and warm bed each night for the girl. Frightened at the thought of losing her independence, she takes to the rough streets once more. When she finally returns, she’s too late to even say goodbye to her elderly friend. Remembering her kind actions, Summer has a new mission: if a bowl of hot soup can change a life, a young girl can change the world.


National Novel Writing Month, S. L. H




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S. L. H.




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