Dorothy / n/a (ISL Internal Project)

Submitted By Maggie Winters Gaudaen


Dorothy is a physical-digital experiment created by ISL consisting of a physical device, called a Ruby, powered by a Light Blue Bean, which can be attached to a user’s shoe. When they click their heels together three times, an action happens — such as getting a fake phone call, or calling an uber, to get out of an awkward situation. The physical Ruby device connects to an iPhone app where the user can set the reactions that happen when they trigger the Ruby by clicking their heels.

My role on the project was as the visual designer, setting the style for the iOS app in collaboration with our development team as well as collaborating on the design of the Ruby itself.

From ISL’s Site:
"Have you ever been stuck in an awkward situation, praying your phone would ring so you could politely leave? Of course you have. That’s why we made Dorothy™, a physical trigger that makes any dumb shoe smart. Consisting of a small connected device we call the Ruby™ (that slips into your shoe) and a mobile App, Dorothy™ allows you to trigger a call to your phone from a fake contact when you tap your heels together three times. Dorothy™ can also send an SMS to your contacts with a custom message, broadcasting your current location, letting them know exactly where you are.

Dorothy™ has been featured on some of the biggest news outlets out there, including Good Morning America, the Today Show, Ellen, and NPR Morning Edition. The video surpassed 50k views across 150 different countries in just two short weeks."


We created Dorothy as a fun way to flex our physical-digital muscles and experiment with real-life examples of IFTTT actions. We created it as a prototype but Dorothy could be used for a variety of situations, even for personal safety.

Technical Challenge

We built an iOS app to connect our physical device, and there were many technical challenges in making the experience as seamless as it ended up. The engineering team also had to create a small enough physical device to fit in a shoe without disturbing the user, and looking discreet from an exterior view of the shoe.


n/a (ISL Internal Project)









Thomas Degry
Ken Marut
Zach Saale


DJ Saul

Creative Director

Zach Goodwin


(Self) Maggie Winters




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