CANAL PLUS MIEUX (Channel More Better) / No client (personal project)

Submitted By Sarah Tamani


Canal plus ("Channel more" in French) is a very popular premium channel in France. It broadcasts original sports, entertainment, information and cinema programs. I always dreamed to work with them in order to create an opening title for one of their amazing TV shows. This is why I decided to create this video one year ago. I sent them, hoping to work with them somehow. The title "Canal plus mieux" is a playword, because "plus mieux" ("more better") doesn't make any sense. I wanted to show that Canal plus was making even more than better, even "plus" than "mieux".
They never answered me back (which disappointed me a lot because I really think the video fits their crazy spirit), but in a very surprising and lucky way, the video made me win two scholarships that allowed me to pursue my MFA Design at SVA.
So I am happy, even if I didn't reach my initial goals (yet!).


My purpose was to express the uniqueness and crazyness of Canal Plus by showing their different programs through my illustration. I wanted to surprise people with different mixes.
For me this was the opportunity to create fun and original content they could use on their social media or for a peticuliar event.

Technical Challenge

I didn't sleep for three days, so it was more like a human challenge.
I took me lot of time to do the illustrations (even though some of them were already made) for this one (very long) minute.
I also really wanted to play with typography and drawings and make all the transitions coherent.

CANAL PLUS MIEUX (Channel More Better)



No client (personal project)






Music & Sound

Electralane - Tram 21

Art Director

Sarah Tamani


Sarah Tamani


Sarah Tamani




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