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Submitted By David Kasnic


Photographs for Koester Company's SS17 Lookbook. Koester Company is a small textile operation based in Louisville, Kentucky.


The objective for Koester Company's SS17 was to photograph various models wearing handmade tote bags to be released in the spring 2017 line. Because Koester Company is a small textile operation based in Louisville, Kentucky the art direction behind the set of photographs was to create an organic setting. The backdrop of the green shrubbery was a deliberate effort to show that Koester Company items are made in an up and coming city in the South with a American heritage workwear aesthetic in mind. The models wearing each bag, Ingrid Hansen and Ryan Tassi, deliberately reach out to a specific demographic Koester Company feels are their target audience.

Koester Company bags are designed and sewn by Austin Koester with the integral business and marketing operations by Benjamin Rich. The company is devoted to the timeless elements of functionality and logical design, in which everything is stitched to last a lifetime. With strength and durability at the forefront, Koester Company primarily makes their items out of canvas and locally sourced leather hides. Everything is handmade to order.


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