A Returning of A One That Must Be Loved / indivisual project

Submitted By Lane Mingyu Shi


A Returning of A One That Must Be Loved {Installation} is a multi-media sci-fi story board project consist of visuals, sounds, mechanical and programming elements. It lives behind a story happens on a special day-end of the world. On that day, the world crumbles into chaos of collapsing landscape, burning natures, unprepared despair in human beings, sea monster comes out of the deep ocean to look for survival, a child gets lost in between of falling buildings, calling his mother, however in vain. His tears fall down, flowing across the valley, the broken shelters, to land on a place called home. And the mission of the installation is to convey the emotions, desires, urge for love and hope through this theatrical 4-min show.


This installation is a symbol of pure emotion and self-therapeutic process, therefore a led projector lamp with figures of the sea monster scene in this installation could be a product for customers to put on before going to sleep, therapy appointments, or even for parties.

Technical Challenge

Programming, arduino, raspberry pi, motors, drawing and sound design/music production are used In this multi-media installation.

A Returning of A One That Must Be Loved



indivisual project


Innovative Use of Media




Creative Director

Lane Mingyu Shi

Music & Sound

Lane Mingyu Shi


Emmet Palaima




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