FLAME / Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photoraphy

Submitted By Andrea Swart


With a rapidly growing, technological advanced gaming industry predominantly catering for professional gamers, less complex and smaller scale games for example platformer games lack detailed design and meaningful narratives. Platformers are more accessible and constant than larger scale games and can be access from the comfort on your smart phone appealing to a bigger market.


Drawing inspiration form Journey, flame aimed to develop an impactful storyline which would be emotional and moving including viewers by drawing their emotions into the story line. Flame could also serve as an educational tool for valuable moral traits for example not judging something based on its appearance. Making use of a color palette inspired by fire and ice. Flame adds to the natural essence of the narrative and also makes use of a more illustrative style to add to the user experience of the players making it more personal and relatable to the artist and results in a promise of wild adventure, beautiful scenery and interesting quests.

Technical Challenge

The brief was to create a 2d side scrolling platformer game. This included a new 2d platformer game franchise with new game goals and game objectives, character design for a hero, 2 enemies ,collectibles, puzzles and environments, character sprite sheets for main movements, one playable continuous scrolling platform game level, UI elements such as title design, launch Screen, a working Menu Screen and the Head Up Display for your game (HUD).


Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photoraphy


Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photoraphy




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