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Submitted By Andrea Swart


Freedom of expression is an ancient ongoing struggle evoked, along with other things, by not being able to share ideologies. The most efficient way to get rid of content that threatens the ideologies and accepted ideas of society is for this content to simply be banned. Book gets banned for many reason, from political, religious or sexual obscenity and subversiveness. Editions At Play aims to create a space for books that cannot be printed to exist.


Revelations design is inspired from a brutalism style that is merged with minimalism, architectural and
illustrative designs. Making use of typography chapter symbols where created. A map in the Bible of where certain events took place spoken about in Revelations was used to create the index menu of Revelations. revelations is one of the darkest and heaviest reading chapters of the bible, therefore this website aimed to decrease the weight and highlight the essence
of each chapter within revelations however still maintaining it’s impactfulness with a monotone color palette.

Technical Challenge

The brief was to choose a chapter from a banned book and visually interpret it as a digitally dynamic book that considers the dynamic properties of the web and how digital provides you with an opportunity to explore narrative qualities that cannot
transfer to print. This included a fully planned wire-frame/navigation flow indicating all the ui elements such as buttons, section headers, tabs and a deep sketchbook with the process work and design drafts.


Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography


Stellenbosch Academy of Design and Photography








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