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Crowne Plaza has identified a loss of interest from their millennial audience groups and With 490 hotels in more than 70 countries across the Globe catering predominantly for business travelers, Crowne Plaza is now on a mission to challenge the corporate conventions of most business hotels, and offer an accommodation experience that speaks to the young new generation of business travelers between 24 and 30.


The “Urban Playground” philosophy and design is based on the osmosis of cubism and modernism which depicts the hard realities of business versus the soft nature of fun and leisure. No Crowne Plaza should ever be boring, thats why, with the new Urban Playground hotels, each hotel is uniquely designed and customized to offer more interactive play spaces which encourages social interactions amongst guests, and even staff are encouraged to join in the fun. Each hotel features a unique treehouse-like interactive social playground. A physical area assigned in each hotel where guests can meet up, socialist, enjoy an artisan coffee or even a random chance business encounter. The “ClubHouse” feature on the Crowne Plaza “Playground” App makes striking up a convo easy and fearless by allowing you to see which guests are in the tree house, view their profile and send them and invite to join you for a delicious

Technical Challenge

The brief was to create a new user/customer experience for Crowne Plaza hotels which included a 1 fully extended digital campaign, 1 mobile application prototype, 1 activation campaign, 3 consumer experience touch points, a social media component, a 2 minute case study motion graphic video unpacking your concept, a final keynote presentation showing the roll out of the campaign.


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