Sikkens Prize 2017 / Sikkens Foundation

Submitted By Thijs Verbeek


Sikkens Prize 2017, identity, Sikkens Foundation

Starting point for this project was to create a design that relates to the approach of Hella Jongerius, without lapsing into, or merely illustrating, her idiom. The design for the Sikkens Prize award ceremony honoring Hella Jongerius consists of a series of three test press sheets (test prints).
Test press sheet 1 (50x70cm) is folded up into an invitation. The sheet is printed single sided on 60 gram paper stock, using three pantone colors. The envelope is cut out from a test sheet 2 (35x50cm), containing two pantone colors (printed double sided) and every possible mixing color they can produce.

The invitation has had an extra print run of 800 sheets. Along with test press sheet 3 (50x70 cm) these have been used in the program booklet. The two test press sheets have been combined cross fold and bound by a single staple. On the inside of the folded page a test sheets is visible while the exterior displays the program text in grey print.

As a result the various graphic works have become a visual representation of the design process without simply adhering to the idiom of Jongerius’ own color research. This test print sheet also illustrates the limits of a particular industrial process, in this case offset printing. Stretching the technical limits of a production process will yield imperfect results. Even the color strip, inevitable on test sheets, refers to Jongerius’ color research. Turning the design itself into an exploration rather than a hermetic ‘finished’ product, allows it to reflect on its subject, in this case color (the Sikkens Foundation) and Hella Jongerius.


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