Speak to the Eyes / Studio-X Istanbul, Columbia University [int.]

Submitted By Sarp Sozdinler


The title of "Speak to the Eyes" borrows its title from a quote by William Playfair, one of the early pioneers in the history of data visualization and infographics. It's also the title of a 3-month long colossal event consisting of talks, exhibition, workshops, etc. all to an end of raising awareness among the citizens of Istanbul, of the culture of data visualization, starting from the era of the Late Ottoman Era until the Early Turkish Republic period, while also taking into account the history of informational design in the West.


The design approach was to turn each item to be designed for those events into an effort of continuous data visualization in itself, which for instance had corresponded to the main exhibition by an itinerary of an uninterrupted information line that accompanies the viewer throughout the venue. All of the design elements used for various design needs took their reference from the data collected within the process of making this event happen.

Technical Challenge

There were two principal challenges, to begin with. Firstly, the problem of physical space, which was disproportionately modest in comparison to the volume of the content, both in the visual and textual sense. So we had to take advantage of each square meter, both on the walls and in negative spaces in between them, almost nowhere to be left empty. The second major challenge was the dynamism of visual approach in correlation with the flexibility of organization, which in total consisted of the main exhibition, two workshops, and over a dozen semi-autonomous events sprinkled in a time span of three months.


Studio-X Istanbul, Columbia University [int.]




Culture, Leisure and Sports


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Sarp Sozdinler


Erman Yilmaz


Omer Durmaz




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