Conscious Catwalk / SEED Food and Wine

Submitted By Colleen Coughlin


Educate on the amount of wasted money, energy and clothes hanging in the average woman's closet while providing better options on ways and brands to shop.


Eliminate the idea that eco fashion is Berkenstocks and tie-dyed tees through promotion of curated ethically and sustainably produced garments through a fun filled high end dinner and catwalk.

Organizing Miami's annual eco fashion show has allowed me to diversify the types of people involved, in particular the models that walked the runway. It's important to me that both sustainability and clothing are created to fit ALL shapes, colors and wallet sizes of people. The 2016 show I co-chaired had mostly white models, 1 Latina and 1 Asian male with ages ranging 22-28. In 2017 I took full ownership and made it a point to add a diverse age and ethnic range of models. The most petite model came in at 5'2 115lbs and the tallest model was a 6'2 African American vegan blogger. Arabic, Haitian, Latin, rose´ lovin' white-girl-white and Korean-American's all proudly walked the runway with ages ranging from 21 to 62. This year, I plan to include plus size female models to show that women come in ALL shades of color and size. Along with educating on how to reduce the 81lbs of textiles the average American discards annually, I’d like to bring awareness to plus size clothing is a niche that needs attention.

Technical Challenge

Aligning 30+ volunteers on the same page, lighting of walkway at outside venue

Conscious Catwalk



SEED Food and Wine







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