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Submitted By Julie Blakley


GoToMeeting wanted to show the world that their online meeting solution “let’s your best work shine.” So we decided to give everyday office workers the sports hero treatment. Because when you use GoToMeeting, you’re always a Meeting MVP.

Technical Challenge

These spots are in here less for the work itself and more because of the story behind the spots. This was my first experience with an overtly sexist director. I was working with my male art director partner and a female CD, Aryan Aminzadeh, on the brief. The problem started at casting, where I had gone alone for the first round of auditions, and was confronted with a slew of incredibly inappropriate comments about the appearance of the women auditioning. I should have spoken up then, and I will in the future, but at the time I tried to brush it under the rug and stay professional. Then at the pre-pro meeting, the director bro'd out with my male partner, largely directing his comments at him rather than myself and Aryan and barely acknowledging us. On set the next day, he refused to run the lines from our script, and instead went straight to capturing his own improvised lines (that weren’t funny and the client wouldn’t by). After several more unsuccessful attempts to steer him back on script, Aryan did the most baller move I’ve seen to date and something that I will never forget. She shut down set and called a meeting with me and the director outside. When he told her he wasn’t running the lines from our script because he “didn’t think they were funny,” she firmly put him in his place. While the rest of the shoot and edit certainly weren’t easy, I learned a very important lesson that day. I’ll never be afraid to speak up again. I’ll also never hire that guy again.




Eleven Inc.


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Aryan Aminzadeh

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Kris Wong


Julie Blakley




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