Brasserie d'Orville Labels / Brasserie d'Orville

Submitted By Antoine Garcia


Design of 4 labels for the Brasserie d'Orville, a craft brewery located in Paris's suburb.

The brewery use the barley they harvest to create their own malt, used to brew their products. Every step is taken care of in the old family farm, redesigned as a brewery by the two brothers Julien and Thibaut, making it a very unique product that could be labeled as a "bottled in the domain" if they were making wine.


The objective was to create a unique and strong brand for the beers, representing the uniqueness of their process.

Technical Challenge

They already had a logo that was engraved on the brewing tanks and that had been used to create the legal structure.

The challenge was to work with this given logo and to create a whole universe around it that could reflect their process. The shape of the logo impacted directly the shape of the label to give it its own space and allowing the custom letters created for each model and the informations to put on the front label to work all together in this custom cutting die label.


Brasserie d'Orville




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