Federal Project Layout / Ligue de l'enseignement des Hauts-de-Seine

Submitted By Antoine Garcia


Page layout for La ligue de l'enseignement 92.

Roadmap of the league for the next three years, the booklet summarises the path that the league is going to take on different subjects such as education, politic, environnement, migration or even the new technologies. The document points all the problematics that the league is going to face, and how they plan to solve them.


The goal of this booklet is to be used as a guideline for the league, to guide their choices and summarize their values. The layout had to be clean and the informations had to be clear and well strctured. It's a public document that can be viewed by everybody and that's going to be displayed on their website so it also had to talk to the people who are not related to the ligue.

Technical Challenge

Each idea works like a project by itself and to reinforce the question of environnement and most particularly recycling, I offered them to decline the booklet in a serie of posters that can be printed inhouse, depending on their needs.


Ligue de l'enseignement des Hauts-de-Seine








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