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As part of Destination Canada's 2018 campaign, we travelled across the country to create fun, energetic, and aspirational films to showcase all the nooks and crannies of this great country. Each of the five films (Toronto, Quebec, The Maritimes, British Columbia, and The Yukon) was targeted to different demographics and markets in the US, to spark interest in Canadian tourism.


Destination Canada and Ogilvy identified the appeal of each of the regions of Canada that were featured, and targeted the spots to those demographics and markets in the US.. While all part of one cohesive campaign, each of the five films have a unique energy and quality that speaks to the region's own vibe, as well as the targeted demographic. For Toronto, we aimed to create a highly energetic and fun piece that captured the essence of the nightlife, music scene, and a rowdy weekend in the nation's unofficial capital. For Quebec, we wanted to appeal to young parents and couples, so we created a more peaceful but still fun romantic getaway weekend. The Yukon was action packed and full of adventure, British Columbia featured the epic nature of the province, with a focus on health & wellness, and The Maritimes showcased the fun and quirky nature of the east coast.

Technical Challenge

This was a very go-go-go production as we travelled with a small crew across the country over six-weeks. The biggest challenge was making each of these very different regions and styles feel completely unique, yet still part of one cohesive campaign. Working with a skeleton crew and very mobile gear kits, we had to be very nimble as we shot, capturing real people in real locations. Another challenge was the casting. We opted to cast real Americans who had never been to Canada before, giving them a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience that was a real eye-opener for them.

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