The Gathering / Brooklyn Film Festival

Submitted By Emily Elizabeth Thomas


“The Gathering” is a short film presented by the Brooklyn Film Festival, inspired by real accounts of alleged sexual misconduct in the film industry. The story is about three actresses who were denied roles due to harassment, and a chance encounter that reveals their shared experience. Combining film genres, tropes and time periods, the film is an allegory about opportunities lost, and a reminder to Hollywood that every story matters.


The objective for "The Gathering" is to illuminate the prevalence of sexual harassment and gender-based bias in Hollywood, and challenge the powers that be which have allowed such negligence and abuse to survive and flourish in the industry. "The Gathering" offers solidarity and support to the #MeToo movement, and those brave women who have come forward and started a revolution in Hollywood.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenges of "The Gathering" were many. It was a difficult and serious concept to execute, but an incredibly important one. Dealing with so many moving pieces was challenging -- from casting women who have stake in the conversation of sexual abuse in Hollywood, to crewing the team on an incredibly tight deadline with a massive creative to execute, to telling this complex and unique story with enough bravado and craft within the time allotted in pre-production and on set.

One of the most complex challenges was in the casting process. As "The Gathering" takes on sensitive and potentially triggering subject matter, it was important to Director Emily Elizabeth Thomas to approach casting gently, providing these women with a safe space . It helped a great deal that every key creative behind the casting desk was a woman. Once the roles were casted, it was a quick but meaningful process in getting to know these women personally, listening to their perspective and story, and behaving at every moment of production with respect for the seriousness of what we were doing.

It was an incredible, challenging, and creatively fulfilling process to make this film.


Brooklyn Film Festival




Integrated Branding





Emily Elizabeth Thomas

Creative Director

Amy Ferguson, Julia Neumann

Agency Producer

Sarah Haroldson

Production Company

Derby Content


Rebecca Niles (EP), Madeleine Askwith (LP), Lizzie Shapiro (LP), Charlotte Delon (Post Production Producer)


Stephania Dulowski

Art Director

Marjorie Vardo

Music & Sound

HUMAN (music), Craig Logiudice (sound mix), Rob Difondi (sound mix), Ashley Judd (voice over)




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