The One Moment / Morton Salt

Submitted By Amy Gozalka


Integrated branded music video between OK Go and Morton Salt.


After nearly 60 years without advertising, Morton Salt needed to push its brand beyond ‘just table salt.’ Consciously forgoing traditional ads, the century-old brand joined forces with an untraditional partner—rock band OK Go. Together, the two defied expectations—and at times physics—to create a visually disruptive video that encapsulates what Morton has been doing for decades—making small moments brighter. The 4.2 second video reveals over 4 minutes of wonder, proving that small moments can have a big impact. And more importantly, making Morton mean more than ‘just table salt.’

Technical Challenge

This video pushed the limits of what’s possible, both from an imagination perspective and a technical perspective. No robotic camera has ever been tasked to move as fast as what this video pursued. The timing of all 325 digital triggers is so precise that it was compared to the Manhattan Project. And the true wow-factor comes from the fact that the video explores a time scale humans can’t normally experience. The video sought to impress upon people the impact of a single moment, but in doing so, an immense amount of math, physics and creativity was what truly made it possible.


Morton Salt


Integrated Branding


Consumer Packaged Goods


Creative Director

Amy Gozalka




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