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Submitted By Amy Gozalka


Morton Salt created posters made entirely from food waste to raise awareness around food waste. Scouring dumpsters, we created ink, paper and a custom typeface sourced from uneaten food – molded bread, rotten tomatoes, egg shells, and even spoiled meat. We transformed these unwanted elements to create powerful, visceral posters that didn’t just talk about food waste, but let the problem, quite literally, speak for itself.


Morton Salt is a bright, optimistic brand largely focused on engaging millennials. But as with most cause-related communications, Morton knew preaching about a problem would not engage this fickle, largely skeptical audience. So instead, Morton decided to use the problem – food waste itself – to help raise awareness.

Technical Challenge

An immense amount of exploration went it to creating a poster made from a medium as unknown and variable as food waste. For the font, we sourced over 25 unique types of food from a composting center – brown bananas, molded bread, rotten tomatoes, etc. They were each stamped and converted in vector shapes to create our custom typeface. For the paper, we explored foods that were sturdy enough to act as a binder. We worked with agricultural waste, the waste leftover from crops that either gets thrown away or burned, and combined that with lettuce, cornhusk and eggshells to smoothen the texture. For the ink, we searched for a consistency that was thick enough while still matching Morton’s iconic blue. This came from a base of expired ketchup, kool-aid and old food dye. And most importantly, no food was wasted throughout the entire process, with any leftovers being composted.


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