Boot the Boot / Morton Salt

Submitted By Amy Gozalka


Don’t let your pup's paws (or pride) get burned this winter. The #BootTheBoot campaign exposes just humiliating dog booties are and encourages pet parents to opt for Morton Safe-T-Pet, the only dog-friendly ice melt. We partnered with vets and dog influencers, including the Dogist to help spread the word. We also partnered with the Humane Society and only featured dogs up for adoption in our campaign, with all dogs becoming adopted.


Knowing dog owners spare no expense when it comes to their pets, we saw an opportunity to help owners realize another way they could champion their dogs: by ditching booties. So we launched Boot The Boot, a digital campaign that leveraged the emotional connection owners have with their pets to drive awareness of a far less embarrassing (and harmful) option: Morton Safe-T-Pet. The video simply yet powerfully contrasted the humility of booties against the freedom of Morton Safe-T-Pet. And we amplified our message through sources pet owners find most trustworthy: dogs themselves. Celebrity dogs like Theo Bonaparte and Toby the Little Dude helped spread our message, while partnerships with Instagram influencer The Dogist and the Humane Society featured adoptable dogs who Boot the Boot. By giving man’s best friend a voice when they didn’t have one, we showed owners the simple solution to give dogs their dignity back: Morton Safe-T-pet.


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