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Submitted By Louise Daneels


The concept of my first series of ceramics is personal hygiene. They where also my first tests. Personal hygiene is something very universal, everyone knows the function of a toothbrush and toothpaste. I tried to play with the recognizable everyday things. And made every bathroom and hygiene tool I could think of. From cotton buds to tampons, from a bottle of Nivea to a nail clipper.

I made the next series for a group exhibition. Our theme was: party and celebrating in movies. I was very inspired by the french-italian cult-movie ‘La Grande Bouffe’. The film centers on a group of friends who plan to eat themselves to death. So they lock them up in a big mansion where they celebrate their last ours with fancy food and women. The grotesk way of consuming their food inspired me to make a dinner table with oysters, champagne, chicken and sausage. The table with ceramics looked a bit like a film set.

The last series I recently made was for my graduation project (dutch projectname: Herinner(d)ing English projectname: Memory Shelves). I made a selection of objects that play an important role in my memories and my personal life story. By being the archeologist of my own memories, I tried to bring the memories back to life in ceramic sculptures. The work wants to connect to people because it was grown out of the most ordinary everyday surroundings. The automatic interaction with it’s audience brings up a memory-game of associations and stories. So we can discover their poetic aura they contain from the inside. The installation takes form in a closet filled with these memory-objects.

Technical Challenge

After returning to Ghent from my Erasmus in Germany, I started working on my master project and decided to develop my ceramic skills. Because I never took any lessons to do ceramics, I watched a lot of youtube tutorials to find out how to do it. At first, I made many mistakes, for example: the first time I wanted to bisque fire, almost everything exploded in the kiln. So from then on, I tried to learn from my mistakes. And made different tests to see what worked best for me. Tried different types of clay, different colors of clay and different firing temperatures. Also the glazing process was very exciting to do for the first time. The glazing paint is very difficult to handle because it dries extremely fast so that makes it hard to work detailed. After a little while, I learned more and more how to handle the material and eventually the results where always very satisfying!
A few weeks ago I applied to do ceramics and glassart at LUCA school of arts in Ghent and I passed! So i’m planning to develop myself in ceramics in the future. I’m also saving to buy my own kiln because a lot of people ask me the make their memory object. I want to make a collection so they can be sold in different places, some people already bought some of my work and I’m always very excited to see where they end up! I’m also planning to give a series of workshops where children and grownup’s can create their own ‘memory thing’.

Misters and Misses and all other beautiful human creatures







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