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CrownKit is a start up company which developed a box that women can purchase to help their natural hair journey. This is an e-commerce company where once you visit the website, you are asked a series of questions and, based on how you respond, a box is tailored to meet your hair needs. The boxes include things like combs, bonnets, brushes, etc.


Our objective was to give CrownKit a strong visual identity that its customers could fall in love with. It needed to consist of beautiful packaging and strong imagery that drew the eye, and the website had to be visually appealing. The brand also had to portray a strong identity so that it resonated with their customers: millennial women of color looking to transition into wearing their hair naturally.
CrownKit’s branding is designed to reflect its consumers: strong, proud, and beautifully bold. Its colors (royal, regal, and desiree) partnered with its logomark and iconography give off regality. CrownKit was made to help buyers embrace their natural hair, and as a literal crown (hair) kit (care box), this branding should convey that extra touch to clients.


Crown Kit




Cosmetics, Beauty Products and Perfumes


Creative Director

Octavia Gilmore




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