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Submitted By Polina Zabrodskaya


Diversity, we've got it covered, right? Oh wait, didn't we just forget 1.3 billion people?


This campaign was aimed at high-profile executives of influential private sector companies. The goal was to convince business leaders at The World Economic Forum in Davos to make disability their business priority and put it on all board agendas: something very few companies want to do.

Within ten days of the ‘DIVERSish' launch, 51 private sector multinational companies have signed up to The Valuable 500 and committed to put disability on their board agendas. Six months later, this number has reached 283. Susan Scott-Parker OBE of Business Disability International famously has struggled to encourage 2 business leaders to commit to inclusion over the course of 20 years. We are currently on track to have 500 leaders confirmed by Davos 2020. The Valuable 500 have been endorsed by high-profile global CEOs including Paul Polman, Richard Branson, Duncan Tait, and Nicola Mendelsohn. They've been referenced in The Guardian, Bloomberg, The News Statesman, The BBC and Forbes. The Valuable 500 have been invited to speak at over 20 events this year so far including The World Economic Forum (where they've made the top 33 ways Davos made an impact on the world), SXSW, Ad Week Europe, Ad Week New York, St James’s Palace, and The Bloomberg Equality Summit.

Sandra Hazel from Merlin Entertainments said “We’ve felt a real change internally with more employees starting to ask to get involved with inclusion based initiatives now the CEO is on board.” Jim Smith from Atos said “You can definitely feel a shift in the culture since signing up, there has been more budget unlocked for these activities and an increased sense of pride and confidence around the topic.” The commitments made from our leaders and brands are starting to create tangible changes within organisations. Unilever has pledged to hire 8,000 disabled people by 2025. They have also written into their procurement agreement that they want their suppliers to sign up and make similar efforts. We’re seeing brands like Jaguar Land Rover invest in inclusive design training for their full creative team. If every brand were to commit in the same way, the collective impact would be immense and we would see barrier removal happening at scale and pace. Please join at https://www.thevaluable500.com/


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Polina Zabrodskaya

Art Director

Michael Jones

Creative Director

Rich McGrann, Andy Clough, Alex Grieve


Simon Dilks


Darapen Vongsa-Nga

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