Hyderabad Design Week - Promo / India Design Forum, World Design Organisation, Telangana Government

Submitted By Nandini Godara


This film is a spoken word narrative that is an ode to design, specifically humanising design. When we think of design, we tend to think of it as something niche, something that doesn’t affect us. But good design doesn’t just affect us, it is meant for us. Its very purpose is to serve us, to make our lives easier, better. And this is what drew me in - purposeful design. Working on this project allowed us to explore and bring out the true purpose of design, how it has shaped the way we live, how it has evolved with us, and how it is intrinsic to the human fabric. Having performed spoken word poetry for a few years in Mumbai and Pune, writing the script using elements of spoken word came naturally, and I found it to be the perfect medium to celebrate good design and its impact on us.


Hyderabad Design Week is a citywide event created to promote design, in tandem with the 31st edition of World Design Assembly, which is held biennially. It is being hosted in India for the very first time this year, by the Government of Telangana in partnership with the India Design Forum and World Design Organisation. We were to create a promotional video that announced this event, keeping in mind the theme of Humanizing Design.

Technical Challenge

One of the most challenging parts of the process was to design and animate the end sequence of the video, which revealed the word ‘Design’. For this, we designed 54 graphic frames, and animated them together to end the video on a high and intensive note, giving the viewers an adrenaline rush of sorts. Given the leeway we had for this project, as well as the nature and scale of the event in particular, we wanted to create a content piece that would in some way be an ode to design.


India Design Forum, World Design Organisation, Telangana Government







Nandini Godara

Creative Director

Nandini Godara




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