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Submitted By Xiaowei Zhang


Songhua River Rice, is a high-end rice product under Suyuan Food Group. As the traditional Chinese festival - the Spring Festival approaching, we design through a beautifully packaged rice product as gifts to customers of the Spring Festival gifts, so the overall design needs to echo the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival, highlighting the traditional Chinese cultural elements and auspicious good meaning.


A striking unique package, with creativity, beauty and beautiful implication, has left a deep impression on the customers, improved the customer's preference for the brand, and helped the brand to complete a successful marketing.

Technical Challenge

"koi" in Chinese tradition has the meaning of good luck or “may you have the prosperity in the new year”. We use "koi" as the main form of the product, and extract the elements of water, light and earth into it, and we redesign the traditional culture language to form a visual language. At the same time, we extract the koi 's visual color, putting up the perfect combination with the pattern to achieve the overall visual effect and product unique selling point, the origin of complement each other' s purpose. "koi" represents the beauty of the common sense in China, we create this striking unique graphics, good wishes and eye-catching colors of unity. While designing packaging, we are more particular about the material process to make it different. We use a unique fine lines of pearl paper, in order to better highlight the smoothness and texture, as well as the use of laser cutting process with artificial, so that scales slightly turned up, making the entire packaging more three-dimensional appearance.


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Creative Director

Zhang Xiaowei

Art Director

Xu Jing




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