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To come to a story that is as personal and unique as possible, I have taken my own roots and memories as a starting point. My process often starts in the supermarket because I use it as a hardware store for collecting materials to shape.
This time I walked through the supermarket with a personal story in mind, because I was born in Sri Lanka, and then I came across a coconut. A nice memory came to mind, I was on vacation in Sri Lanka and ate a coconut. I even have a photo of the moment. This seemed to be an appropriate starting point for my research: coconut, and everything that has to do with it.

After the necessary orientation, I came across an interesting study by the University of Wageningen. They have researched the waste material from coconut growers
and in the end they were able to process this waste into sheet material without the use of glue. After the first contact with the university, it turned out that they had already stopped the project for financial reasons. Fortunately for me, it was an "open research" project that allowed me to view the research documents and take some plate material with me. The plates that they had made are connected by compressing and heating the lignin in the fiber. Because I had little to no plate material, I tried to copy the material on the basis of the documents. But the production requirements were so high that it was impossible for me to make this myself. For a 10 x 10 cm plate, a pressure of around 3000 Kg was already required and a heating temperature of 180 degrees.

Since lignin is a natural glue, I tried to look further at a material within the framework of my project. For example, I discovered that you can turn the armor (exoskeleton) of, among other things, a "coconut crab" chitin and of this chitin a biological glue. Because the coconut crab itself is a protected animal, I have shrimp shells
which are processed into powder in the fish industry as a waste product. I decided to make my own material for my graduation project. Because I studied product design in the first few years and now specialize in materials, I want to combine this by making a piece of furniture from home-made material. In this book a large number of tests can be found that were necessary for the creation of the material.









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