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Instantly connect to a Study Expert in seconds: 1. Snap a pic of your Algebra, Geometry, Trig, Calculus, Physics, Chemistry, ACT or SAT Math homework problem. 2. Connect to a Study Expert tutor in seconds for a personalized, 10-minute chat session. Our live Study Experts help you solve even the hardest types of problems, including diagrams or complex equations. 3. Access your complete tutoring chat session history whenever you need a quick review.


I am glad to be part of a product that has been helping kids all over the country, especially students from TRiO programs that motivate and support students from disadvantaged backgrounds in their pursuit of a college degree. I had a lot of fun creating sustainable and functional designs for both User and Expert, Integrating AI and photo recognition software to maximize accessibility to Math and Science help. As a result, 89% of students reported high levels of grade improvement.

Technical Challenge

There were a lot of challenges along the way, but one that stands out was integrating a photo recognition software and AI to explain certain problems. Trying to separate and distinguish bot from Expert was difficult, so we created prototypes to test with focus groups, we tried different versions and spend a lot of time on research till we arrived at a solution.


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