Let's Get Consensual / Let's Get Consensual

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To combat the lecturing and fear-based existing approaches that were turning people away from talking about consent, our goal was to present educational and empowering content in a digestible way and make consent common sense with a campaign that breathes light into the topic, instead of injecting it with darkness. We designed a library of iconography that made the topic easy to understand and paired it with a palette of friendly colors and copy that spoke the language of our audience. Our educational and digestible content made consent conversations more approachable, and turned it into one that anybody could have.


The topic of consent is clinical and negative with morbid creative treatments and undertones. Our goal is to make consent common sense for Millennials and Gen-Z with activations that will make them feel comfortable talking openly about consent.

Technical Challenge

When it comes to sexual harassment, an overwhelming majority of prevention efforts are focused on getting women to protect themselves (be aware of their surroundings, go out in groups, text when they get home, be careful with what they wear). As such, the responsibility is being put on women to prevent something they can’t control.

Our mission is to instead reach everyone about consent in the moments where it matters most. All too often, when people are under the influence at places like night clubs, concerts and parties, the lines of consent can get blurry. To actually influence behavior and make an impact, our challenge was to engage people in the moment and start a conversation about consent without it feeling like a lecture.

Let's Get Consensual



Let's Get Consensual










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