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How do you relaunch a jeans brand from the company that invented jeans? You do it backward. On rollerskates. With a whole lot of confetti.


DENIZEN from Levi’s needed to be re-launched as a standalone brand to audiences worldwide. But how do you carve out a niche that appeals to a new generation when you’re from a brand with over 160 years of history? We did it by tapping into the ‘unbridled optimism’ of this new generation, encouraging them to ‘Change it Up’ and do things a little differently, because you never know where that’ll take you.

Technical Challenge

In a world where so many things have become uncertain, and everyone is feeling more divided, DENIZEN found that their primary buyers were bucking these trends, choosing optimism and connection overprotection and insularity, choosing to push themselves and others towards the better world they want to create.

It makes sense that the DENIZEN product line appeals to this group, as it is designed to provide forward-looking fashion with the quality and craftsmanship of Levi’s, at an affordable price.

Our job was to make the brand itself just as appealing. The brand launch for DENIZEN positions the brand as a beacon for optimism and the self-expressive style that goes with it, giving support and confidence to our audience to make the most of all that life throws their way.


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