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Submitted By Ryan Neamtu


Inter is a commercial space-flight company that specializes in high-atmosphere flights and is branching into planetary expeditions. The goal of Inter is to present a welcoming, family-oriented offering to the space flight market as it grows.


The objective of the design work was to reference the American Atomic-Age stylistically, along with the core ideals of optimism and a brighter tomorrow. As the futuristic ideas of yesterday come to fruition, and our current view of the future is dimmed, the goal of Inter is to provide a sense of hope and wonder for both children and adults through this retro-twist on this technological and tourism achievement.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenges of the project came from the amount of research of primarily the 50-60's atomic age, and notable moments such as the 1964 Worlds Fair, but also the 1930's Worlds Fair as they both stood out as peak events of blending innovation, invention, and futurism specifically in America. Taking these core messages and visuals and translating them to contemporary designs and messaging for today's audiences was the biggest challenge, but handled in an appropriate manner through the iterative material.


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Art Director

Ryan Neamtu

Creative Director

Trevor Van Den Eijnden


Ryan Neamtu




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