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Submitted By Ryan Neamtu


Hera (2020) is a video-based dating app that focuses primarily on providing a safe and genuine place for women to make connections. Setting up a secure and transparent foundation for moving forward with a relationship.


Hera may be seen as an unconventional dating app; that’s perfect because real love isn’t conventional. The novelty of the application is that all messaging is done through video, whether live-video or video messaging. The goal is to limit “catfish” and non-serious interactions while
promoting mature conversations between users. Hera’s target audience is late-20-year-old professionals, primarily women, those that are tired of the non-seriousness that comes with regular dating apps, they are committed to settling down and just want a dating experience that is transparent and keeps their safety as the number one focus.

Technical Challenge

In recent years there has been a 450% rise in reports of rape cases in relation to online dating, 85% of which were female. “Match Group” the organization behind major competing apps like Tinder, has purposely decided to not screen users, knowingly allowing offenders onto the platforms. It is time that the “dating app” works for and with the users, and make efforts to change the norm and it can easily be done through the UI and UX to alter the way users interact with each other and how the user interacts with the app. The technical challenge is taking an "omniscient" role through the design choices and how the app operates, to tailor to and enhance the service to the target user and discern the antagonist user.


Visual College of Art & Design




Consumer Services


Art Director

Ryan Neamtu

Creative Director

Trevor Van Den Eijnden


Ryan Neamtu




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