Vancouver College of Design - Conceptual Re-Brand / Visual College of Art & Design

Submitted By Ryan Neamtu


Vancouver College of Design (2020) is a conceptual rebranding of the Visual College of Art & Design, the objective of the re-design is to better match the core identity to the complimentary branding elements. Using the ideals and teachings of the institution to better reflect through the holistic design.


programs, highlight the past and future students, and the possibilities that come from attending. It is also integral to look modern and encapsulate the ideals and style of the school and its staff, the former branding had a large disconnect in this area, presenting itself very corporate and a disconnect between itself and the students and their work. Being unique, modern, and personable were the most important attributes to bring into the new branding.

The concept of a “ripple effect” is carried throughout design pieces, the idea is that you can make an impact in a short amount of time; as the school offers fast-paced programs of study. The program colours are carried throughout all media to bring in the sense of personality and uniqueness each brings to the school and to future students. Design inspiration came from the existing department colours and icons. Colours have been adjusted to compliment the off-white and charcoal tones of the core identity.

Technical Challenge

The technical challenge came from using the existing icon set and concept of colour-coated departments to be better reflective of the organization and its teachings, while also updating the core identity to be representative of contemporary design and the design style taught within the institution. Making design decisions within the regulations of the governing body, while attempting to do something unique was something that was challenging and brought consistent compromise to the project.


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Ryan Neamtu


Ryan Neamtu




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