Come Get It / Mountain Dew + Doritos + Call of Duty

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To celebrate the launch of the new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Activision partnered with Doritos and Mountain Dew to give gamers the ultimate upper hand. 2XP codes hidden under millions of caps gave players everywhere a chance to upgrade their gear and leave the competition in the dust. Their trophy? The dignity of their enemies.


Announce this epic partnership to a devoted audience that lives and breathes the Call of Duty franchise.

Technical Challenge

The truest joys of CoD are messing with your enemy, celebrating with your team, and never apologizing for any of it. So, instead of focusing purely on game plotlines, we paid homage to the antics gamers create for each other (on and off the battlefield). Our campaign embraced a culture of unshakable confidence, encouraging gamers to #ComeGetIt at every step. After all… in Modern Warfare, anything goes. May the best player win.


Mountain Dew + Doritos + Call of Duty


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