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An architecture office, designed on the principle that “form follows feeling“ creates an inspiring, peaceful and collaborative workspace. Located in the heart of Greenwich Village, in Manhattan, the space holds 16 architects and designers in a functional and playful studio. Working with the idea of a black and white sketch coming to life, the design uses minimal lines, functional geometries, playful graphics and sensual materials to create an office that feels like home.


In June 2018, Reddymade completed the redesign of its 1,500 square foot studio, which involved a complete gut renovation of the entire second floor of a pre-war building in storied Greenwich Village. With the goal of creating an inspiring, peaceful and collaborative space, the design was conceived based on the idea of making a black and white sketch come to life. Illustrating the mantra of the studio’s work, “form follows feeling”, the space is designed to evoke a feeling of openness and inspiration.

The new layout includes a reception and gallery space, with a Sanskrit prayer inscribed above the door that translates to “From ignorance, lead me to truth; From darkness, lead me to light; From death, lead me to immortality; Om peace, peace, peace.” A white Venetian plaster hallway sensually and minimally separates the conference room and private office from the open workspace of the studio.

Friendly and open, the kitchen is designed to reflect a home with an open island and features a full bar that regularly hosts celebrations.

The studio workspace is animated both with images and models from projects that illustrate the history of the studio’s work, and with current passion projects and research ideas. The visual dynamic is anchored on one end with the focus of an anamorphic graphic of a hovering perspective cube drawing, and on the other with a model from a project of a wall of boxes designed for a fragrance fair.

A meditation space attached to the private office, but open to all staff, offers a space of contemplation.

Finally, the exit stairs feature an old opening infilled with a black and white slide show of works and a handwritten quote by Dieter Rams “Indifference towards people and the reality in which they live is actually the one and only cardinal sin in design.”

Technical Challenge

“Form follows feeling” is the mantra of the Reddymade’s work with its primary research focus and passion being the emerging field of neuroaesthetics, the study of how beauty affects our well-being. Using the office as a test case in neuroaesthetics, the space is designed by prioritizing the feeling it generates. The goal envisioned the office feel like a black and white sketch coming to life, and to create a feeling of peace, comfort, collaboration and inspiration.






Studio Rennovation



Suchi Reddy, AIA, Founding Principal, Reddymade




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