Cherokee Residence / Will Arnett

Submitted By Suchi Reddy


A hybrid prefab and site-built project, this house erected on a steeply sloping site, is based on a design that architect Ray Kappe had created for LivingHomes. Comprised of six modules on two levels, containing four bedrooms, two-and-a-half bathrooms, kitchen and dining area, it is customized with a glass stair tower, garage, guest wing, and infinity pool.

The mid-century modern inspired design blurs the boundary between exterior and interior spaces with a courtyard and decks while maintaining a sense of privacy behind high exterior wood-cladded walls and clerestory windows. The use of overhangs emphasizes the horizontality of the plan while doubling as passive cooling. Exposed steel frames, cedar and glass keep the exterior palette simple, durable and timeless.

The interior design complements the mid-century exterior creating a flow of indoor space to outdoor space uniting both in the colors, textures, and materials.


The design utilizes sustainable strategies for passive cooling, solar energy use, and conserving water, preserves native tree and uses environmentally preferable products. Floor to ceiling glass maximizes daylight cutting down the need for interior lighting. The interior uses natural fibers, efficient energy and water fixtures, VOC-free finishes and Cradle to Cradle certified materials.

The home is sited for optimal solar orientation with opposing operable doors and windows located to capture prevailing breezes. Home size was a considered decision and is close to the national average (2850 sf based on NAHB) which reduces overall energy consumption and material usage.

The landscape is designed for minimal water usage with native and drought tolerant plants. The existing hillside lot was covered in native oak tree, all maintained during construction with additional trees planted to provide shading for the home.

Technical Challenge

Utilizing prefabricated construction methods for the majority of the home minimizes neighborhood disruption and reduces overall site construction time and cost. Modular and site construction of the home occur simultaneously allowing it to be delivered and assembled on the site in a single day, leaving landscaping, pool and remaining finish work to be completed post installation. Especially given the access to the hilly terrain this was an innovative approach to a big problem.


Will Arnett




Interior Architecture



Suchi Reddy, AIA, Founding Principal, Reddymade




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