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Submitted By Élise Rigollet


The independent publishing house Look Back And Caught (Ljubljana, Slovenia) reached out and offered to publish a Risograph printed book by me. In my personal project, I'm very passionate about all things printed matter, and often produce zines with my collective Riso Sur Mer, so this was an exciting opportunity. 'Rockie' is a 60-page zine, composed of 3 chapters that explore the gem world through different lenses. The images are a combination of found vintage imagery, photography, collages, paintings. It features a spirale coil binding and a flocked paper title sticker on the cover.


Rockie came from a passionate collector's mind and is meant to be contemplative. The reader can flip through it and walk through the gem landscapes, like one would look at displays in a physical collection. It was inspired by my parents' passion for finding and collecting minerals: they met in an amateur geology club, and I’ve been following them on their explorations during our family vacations to find minerals ever since I was a kid. This book compiles some of their findings and their research material.

Technical Challenge

The book is destined to Risograph printed: it's similar to screen-printing, but isn't analog, and uses rich spot colours and stencils to create tactile and vibrant prints, with little impact to our environment. All the colors you see in the book are created by mixing a set of inks (fluro pink, yellow, fluro orange, teal, flat gold, blue...) used with different halftones, which creates a very unique texture on the imagery.


Personal project




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