Getting Started in the 6ix / Office of Social Innovation, Ryerson

Submitted By Seowon Bang


Getting Started in the 6ix: Powered by New Canadians is a project conceived by the Office of Social Innovation at the Ryerson University in partnership with the Institute for Canadian Citizenship and 6 Degrees. I had the pleasure of art directing this first ever issue of the publication, showcasing new Canadians' social ventures and youth entrepreneurship while celebrating diversity.

Technical Challenge

I needed to establish a fresh visual identity that speaks to all three major parties involved, yet is distinguished as its own. Also, since the startups highlighted in this issue are up-and-coming, there wasn't a lot of established imagery, which called for photo sourcing. Furthermore, the client requested that the identity speaks to the targeted audience, which was to be primarily youths.

Informed by 6 Degrees' existing brand guideline, which celebrates vibrant colours and youthful disruptiveness, I chose the yellow and fuchsia as primary colours and incorporated hand-drawn shapes and lines to show dynamism. With oversized text outlines and abstract patterns weaving across the photos and spreads, the result is an energetic yet whimsical representation of youth, diversity, new ideas, and optimism.


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