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Submitted By Kobi Franco


The Molecular Typography Laboratory is a speculative, typographic research, in which I present a series of tests that make use of molecular typography. The laboratory was established to examine the speculative premise that the characters of the Hebrew alphabet have a molecular structure. The project examines the discipline through the parameters of function versus aesthetics, and content versus form.


The project examines how this assertion, that the Hebrew alphabet have a molecular structure, affects the Hebrew alphabet, word, and language. In the course of the research, 142 different tests were conducted, which over time were grouped into 8 main topics: Elements, Formula, Gender, Weight, Gravity, 3-D, Generative Research and Play of Characters and Words. Several tests were conducted in which linguistic patterns, such as anagrams, palindromes, and pangrams, were used. These tests examined the formal, aesthetic, and symmetrical appearance of the characters and the words. According to the philosopher, Jacques Derrida, there is an etymological connection between the words "text" and "texture" – and "text" does indeed possess a weave-like materiality in the project.

Technical Challenge

The project was conducted in 2-D and 3-D environments which included: designing of the basic type, making it activated and useful, generative design tests, three-dimensional design, programming an interactive platform for generative variations, 3-D modeling and animation and at the end assembling everything to a representative showreel video. The project is still in progress using 3-D modeling, animation and a combination of video and sound.




Innovative Use of Media


Experimental Typography Research


Creative Director

Kobi Franco


Amichai Sheetrit, Eran Hadas, Eran Geva, Michael Sokolov




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