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Submitted By Claire Puginier


Spaceport Hashima is a thriving interplanetary terminal surrounded by a world-class luxury destination resort, research and development facilities, museums, world renowned restaurants and lively night-life. Located just a few miles off the coast of Japan, Spaceport Hashima is an epicenter of both traditional and modern Japanese culture.

Upon arrival, guests are greeted by local island ambassadors that will help them embark on their adventure. As for guests with interplnatery itineraries, arriving for the mandatory 48-hour-pre-launch period will prove to be an out of this world experience. With a diverse range of educational and entertainment options, many guests will opt to arrive a few days early to have time to explore all the island has to offer.

As the first spaceport in the eastern hemisphere, Hashima's Spaceport is Japan's gateway to the stars. It is the heart of the new industry on the island that draws scientists and tourists to Hashima. Additionally, it promotes innovation and opens up new opportunities for Japanese citizens. The Spaceport is a unique design in that all spacecrafts are launched from large floating barges. These barges dock into the terminal for boarding and then cruise out to a safe distance for launches and landings.

The Intergalactic Terminal is inspired by Earth's global community and Japanese architecture. The interior of the terminal is open and characterized by its panoramic window that gives onto the launch barges and allows travellers and island guests to watch the rockets propel out to space.

Serving as wayfinders and information points, the Holoports are distributed throughout Hashima Island and the Intergalactic Terminal. The displays can be used to call up maps and flight information, update travel itineraries, carry out check-in and reservation changes and discover more about the history and hidden wonders of Hashima. To create the holographic display, water is condensed and collected out of the surrounding air. When a guest connects to the display sensor using their AstroWatch, the water is evaporated into cool steam using ultrasonic technology and compressed before being propelled out of the perforated surface. RGB lazers at the center project into the curtain of compressed steam, forming a three-dimensional visual display.

At check-in, every guest is issued an AstroWatch that will serve as their all-in-one remote and access pass to Hashima’s facilities and attractions. The AstroWatch connects to devices such as the Holoports which are distributed throughout Hashima in order to allow guests to locate themselves and keep track of their travel itinerary. The central element of the watch acts as a scroll wheel, which connects via Bluetooth upon touching it to a Holoport’s sensor, and enables users to interact with the displays. Furthermore, the AstroWatches are customized to each of our guests, allowing them to charge food and merchandise directly to their travel account.

Beyond connecting to the Holoport, the AstroWatch allows you to connect and interact with our wayfinding robot, GuBo. This sweet and friendly guide bot is personalized for each individual guest. GuBo's functions include taking you around the island and talking about the rich history of the Spaceport. Additionally, he is programmed to answer any questions you might have regarding your stay and travel in your native language.

The project was conceived by the Team Spaceport Hashima from Savannah College of Art and Design and created for the 2018 Walt Disney Imagineering’s Imaginations Design Competition - This project is the sole property of Walt Disney Imagineering and all rights to use these ideas are exclusive to Walt Disney Imagineering - The competition is a way for students and recent graduates to showcase their talents and for Walt Disney Imagineering to identify new talent


To craft a compelling narrative for the Spaceport, it was important to understand and ground each design decision within the historical and cultural context, as well as the projected context of the year 2030. Thereby, the products and interactions designed became characters that were both justified by and coherent with the overall narrative. Spaceport Hashima won second place in the 2018 Walt Disney Imaginations competition.

Spaceport Hashima



Walt Disney Imagineering (Imaginations Competition)







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