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Emulation of the Braille writing system was the starting point for the Dorina Nowill Foundation Annual Report project for the blind. By doing away with graphical writing, the cover of the publication is permeated by compositions of dots printed in color and relief, as in the Braille system of writing for the blind. Inside, the same principle remains present with the use of only printed points, without relief. Braille is part of the report's graphic design, involving the lay reader with an unusual invitation to discover this writing system. In practice, the annual report provides a sample of the frequent challenges and solutions in the daily lives of the blind.


The annual report is intended to mark the entity's fiscal year and establish guidelines for the following year. In addition to the functional aspect of the publication, its aesthetic and graphic aspect is essential to set the date, give the document a longevity and validate its relevance to the sector. As a supporting document and material, it has another fundamental function: to serve as a presentation of the foundation and to contribute to attract sponsors from medium and large companies.

Technical Challenge

The challenge was to develop a publication that, in addition to fulfilling its functional aspects of informing and maintaining the commitment to the governance policy of the Dorina Nowill Foundation, also represented a document that addressed the aspect of the need to include blind or with low vision people.


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