The One Club and Miami Ad School Partnership Provides Scholarships for 15 Multicultural Students

The One Club

Sep 30, 2016

The One Club and Miami Ad School announced today at Here Are All the Black People (HAATBP), a multicultural creative career fair, that Miami Ad School will offer scholarships to 15 students of diverse backgrounds.
Through this partnership, Miami Ad School will allocate $200,000 worth of funds for five $20,000 scholarships and ten $10,000 scholarships. The One Club will assist in selecting the scholarship recipients, two of which are earmarked for participants of One Club inclusion and diversity programs.

“As I’ve said before, many pay lip service to diversity, and some, like Miami Ad School, do something about it,” said Traecy Smith, director of diversity for The One Club and executive producer of HAATBP. “Miami Ad School understands the importance of giving promising students from all walks of life the opportunity to grow and develop as creatives –¬ talented young people who may not have otherwise been able to attend such a prestigious portfolio school.”

Applicants will be asked to submit five to seven samples of creative work as well as a short essay explaining what makes them creative and deserving of the scholarship. The deadline to submit is November 1. Applicants can submit samples and essays to

“Diversity in the creative department isn’t just the right thing to do. It also happens to make great business sense,” said Pippa Seichrist, Cofounder, Head of Innovation at Miami Ad School, Director at Portfolio Center - ?Miami Ad School. “If we don’t develop diverse juniors right now, we will have to wait even longer for the minority creative directors the industry desperately needs.”

HAATBP ( is an annual multicultural creative career fair. This year’s keynote speaker was actor, comedian and video blogger Franchesca Ramsey. Previous keynote speakers include Dr. Cornel West and HBO’s Issa Rae.

Visit for more information about The One Club’s inclusion and diversity programs.
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